Why doctor”nuke”

You might wonder why the site name Is doctor”nuke” ? Is it related to nuclear weapons? , no , doctornuke is an old school of the first Content Driven Website (content management website or CMS) . Remember when you had the first website sometimes 25 years ago , the website or page consisted of code written in html language which you should write it in dreamweaver or any html programs , then uploaded the source code to the server , when user used internet explorer “browser” the browser then interpret the “html ” code to readable web page , these were the old style websites., When you want to update , you had to write new codes and uploaded to replace the old ones . Yeah it seems to be rigid, and could not update freely like everyday CMS .

Then in 1997 , there was a new platform of website , written in php and use Content in the form of database “mysql” . The php act like blank book or shell, while data act like details and content that you can easily update by fill the forms ( imagine you write facebook story) . This new platform was named phpnuke , so at that time for my work I use the name doctornuke , because I was formerly help phpnuke community in Thailand so that doctornuke seems to be pretty easy to remember , thats all the story.

Phpnuke , thainuke and nukes community around the world seems to be outdated , and many webmasters use the more developed CMS like wordpress Or others.