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  • One more topic for artificial intelligence

    One more topic for artificial intelligence

    AI is bringing a new wave of innovation–it’s time to join the party!

  • A new concept of Doctornuke

    A new concept of Doctornuke

    We are here for some years and finally we decided to move Doctornuke to the new horizons. With our hidden gems for ability to communicate with machine , we think we can move smoothly in this way , let’s us prepare for the new lesson soon in 2023. Previous Next AI-powered websites: the future of […]

  • phpnuke , what’s the magic?

    phpnuke , what’s the magic?

    Discover the power of PhpNuke: the world’s favorite content management system!

  • Short history of phpnuke

    Short history of phpnuke

    Francisco Burzi, describes the history of PHP-Nuke as follows: PHP-Nuke is a free software, released under the GNU GPL License, version 2.0. PHP-Nuke is the result of many years administrating a news site called Linux Preview. First, around August 1998, I wrote my own code in Perl called NUKE and used it for about 1 […]

  • Here comes dr nuke

    Here comes dr nuke

    Hello audiences , welcome again and happy to see all nukies ( oh dear , 24 years ago) , I suppost the audiences could remember me after Francisco , and later nukemods , Nukems , nukecops and dear arjarn Pravat , in Thailand . The nuke community seems to be dead , none active after […]